Data Analysis As A Service

Make us your secret weapon! Have our experts at your beck and call, make the most of your reports and analysis. Draw extensively on our wealth of consulting and industry knowledge. Increase your productivity.

Just 10 slots!


Have you ever experienced the analyst's block (kinda like writer's block, when you just don't know how to make the report you want)?

Have you ever felt your report could be better?

Have you ever felt like you were not making the most of the data at your disposal? Like there is more you could be uncovering and tracking and reporting?

Have you ever felt you need experts you can call on any day and at any time but won't cost you an arm and leg?

The good thing is that we have structured it flexibly so you can always get more value than the cost.

We have created an industry first: DaaS (Data Analysis as a Service).

Maybe you have tried training. Perhaps you have attended our in-depth high value training class. You have our video learning materials, our book and our practice files. We hope you remember everything we taught you. However, things are changing. You are changing. Your work is changing. The industry is changing. Excel is changing. Power BI is changing. Everything is changing. You already have a demanding job and can't be spending all day keeping abreast of what's new and applicable to you as regards making the most of your data and reports. We are offering to be your secret weapon.

So what's the DaaS structured as?

It is simple and straightforward as ABC.

A. You can reach us remotely (calls, Skype, emails, SMS etc) and at our office (70b Olorunlogbon street, after Banex hotel, Anthony Village, Lagos) for targeted help with your office work. Note: we won't come to your office or house.
B. There is fair usage policy (FUP). So you have to book not less than 24hrs prior and you are entitled to 24hrs/month (which is equivalent to 3 full days) consulting time (both remote and physical). Any length of time above that will attract some extra small charge/fee.
C. You have a dedicated resource (more like technical account manager). He/she is your primary contact, handles all your work requests, communication, meetings and projects. There is a pool of internal resources he/she will draw on, as appropriate, to satisfy all your relevant needs. We have full-time data analysts that are already handling consulting projects and training, and they are the ones designated as technical account managers.

So how much does this cost?

That's the best part: there are four flexi plans.
  1. N45,000/month. You can cancel anytime and restart anytime (no refunds, when you cancel it means you just don't pay when your subscription elapses).
  2. N90,000/quarter
  3. N150,000/half-year
  4. N200,000/year

And it's not negotiable. Why that funny pricing structure? That is the result of our own in-house data analytics on the pricing.

We already bill N100,000/day for one-on-one consulting (corporate clients rate is N250,000/day) and even when we are overpowered by the superior negotiating tactics of some of you, we only go as low as N70,000/day for individuals. And that is 8 hrs at a go which is never as effective as two separate 4 hrs, and way less than the 24 hrs spreadable over an entire month that we are offering you at N45,000/month and even less than N19,000/month when you take the year option.

We can only service 10 people at the same time. So if you need our service but delay too much, you will have to wait for an open slot if all 10 slots are taken. And just as we can't review the price downwards, so also will we not accept you doubling the fee so we can take you up.

What do you think?

If interested, get in touch as soon as you can and we will get in touch with you. Reach Michael on 0700ANALYTICS, 0808-938-2423, 0806-312-5227 and or Hannah on 0802-118-0874 and or Emmanuel on 0908-482-5064 and

Again, welcome to the world of DaaS!

To your Excel-ling!

Be an expert

Reach Michael on 0700ANALYTICS, 08089382423, 08063125227 and or Hannah on 08021180874 and or Emmanuel on 09084825064 and to register for any of our training: Excel Training or Power BI training or Financial Modelling training. You can also sign up for our tutorial newsletters and webinar via our homepage

Access our free training Videos and Practice-along File
Below are the training video links and the practice-along files to give you a tip of the value to expect.

Video 1: Introduction to the Excel Training and Trainer
Practice File 1:

Video 2: How Excel handles different data types
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Video 3: Data consistency, starting with the end in view
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Video 4: Building Datasheets that can scale
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Video 5: Sorting in Excel 
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Video 6: Filtering in Excel
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Video 7: Data Cleaning in Excel 
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Video 8: Data Formatting in Excel
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Video 9: Making Charts in Excel
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Video 10: Pivot Table, Pivot Chart and PowerPivot in Excel
Download the practice-along file:

Video 11: Excel Training -- Business Data Analysis, part 1
Download the practice-along file: 

Video 12: Excel Training -- Business Data Analysis, part 2 
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Video 13: Power Excel Functions
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Video 14: Protecting Workbook; Protecting Worksheet and formatting for Printing in Excel
Download the practice-along file:

Video 15: Named Range, Goal Seek, Scenario and Solver in Excel 
Download the practice-along file:

Video 16: Creative Excel Features/Use
No Practice File

Video 17: Excel Web Query   
No Practice File

Video 18: Mail Merge
Download the practice-along file: 

Video 19: Creative Excel Use
No Practice File

Video 20: Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
Download the well compiled keyboard shortcuts by Exceljet:  

Video 21: Data Visualization in Excel 
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Video 22: Excel Reports And Presentation
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Video 23: Excel Macros (intro and small project)
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Video 24: Userform and more Macros 
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Video 25: Learn Excel Macros: Custom Functions (UDF) 
Download the practice-along file: Custom Functions (UDF)

Video 26: Learn Excel Macros: Birthday Reminder 
Download the practice-along file: Birthday Reminder

Video 27: Data Cleaning with Excel 

Video 28: Learning the magic of PowerPivot for Dashboards 

Video 29: Enable Developer Tab in Excel 2016 for Mac 

Video 30: Intro to Dashboards and Dynamic Charts in Excel 

Video 31: Showing you some useful cool Excel Magic 

Video 32: How to enable PowerPivot, PowerQuery, PowerView and PowerMap in Excel 2013 

Video 33: New charts in Excel 2016 

Video 34: Demystifying Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence and Big Data 

Video 35: Power BI 

Video 36: Analysing Large Data Records With Pivot Table, Power Pivot and Power BI. 

Video 37: New Column and Formatting in Power BI 

Video 38: Getting Familiar with Power BI settings. 

Video 39: Relationships in Power BI. 

Video 40: Unpivot Column in Power BI 

Video 41: Workspaces In Power BI 

Video 42: Building a Dashboard with Power BI 

Video 43: Excel vs Python vs R for Data Analysis: Making the Right Choice 

Video 44: Turbo Charging Your Reports With PowerPivot 

Video 45: Data Cleaning With Excel 

Video 46: Learn Excel Macros: Custom Functions (UDF) 

Video 47: Learn Excel Macro: Birthday Reminder 

Video 48: Enable Developer Tab In Excel 2016 for Mac 

Video 49: Getting Comfortable With Microsoft Excel VBA 

Video 50: Useful Add-ins You Should Be Aware Of In Excel 

Video 51: Carrying Out Predictive Analysis Using Microsoft Excel 

Video 52: The New Features In Microsoft Excel