1. In-depth Excel Training, Executive Dashboards & Business Data Analysis

This training is aimed at making you extremely good in Microsoft Excel, dashboard making and business data analysis, teaching you with live business scenarios. It’s intended for Sales Managers, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, MIS Analysts, HR Executives and power Excel users.

You will get lunch, a branded DVD with over 20 training videos and practice files, training notepad with pen, a comprehensive training reference material, a training certificate from us (a registered Microsoft Partner) and after training continuous learning access.

The training will be facilitated by a team lead by a Microsoft recognized Excel Expert and Microsoft Certified Trainer who is a Microsoft MVP alumnus. We have had participants of our trainings from Guinness Nigeria, Nigerian Breweries, Schlumberger, Chevron, Periscope, Brains and Hammers, GfK, Palladium Group, First Bank, Citi Bank, Dalberg, PMI, NLNG, GSK, Promasidor, SaveTheChildren, Mobil, FMDQ, NSE, Biofem Pharmaceuticals, Total, Vodacom, Nestle, Nigerian Breweries, Delta Afrik, LATC Marine, Broll, Habanera (JTI), SABMiller, IBM, Airtel, Diamond Bank, ECOWAS, Ministry of Finance, Transmission Company of Nigeria, Nokia Siemens Networks and DDB.

Reach Michael on 0700ANALYTICS, 01-631-1885, 0808-938-2423, 0806-312-5227 and mike@urbizedge.com or Hope on 0808-266-9002 and hope@urbizedge.com or Faith on 0913-137-0701 and faith@urbizedge.com to register.

Date: Friday 3rd December 2021 to Saturday 4th December 2021
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm daily with tea break and lunch break
Venue: UrBizEdge Limited, 11 Oseni Street, Adjacent GTBank, Anthony Village, Lagos.

Cost: N100,000


2. Big Data Analysis, Power Query, Power Pivot and VBA in Excel

The training is aimed at already proficient Excel users who work in report/analysis heavy roles dealing with large amount of raw data (even spanning 2 to 200 million rows) and have Excel 2016 or above.

If you qualify for this, email team@urbizedge.com with details of which industry you work, your role and your most advanced use of Excel. Optionally, we will reply with the details and schedule for the class. We do this because from experience too many people misjudge their needs — going for what sounds fancy and new rather than what would really give them the practically useful skill they need. Thanks for understanding and complying.

1. In-depth Excel Training, Executive Dashboards & Business Data Analysis

The business world is now data driven and every business professional must now be fluent in the language of data. William E. Deming had the most accurate way of portraying this new age: “In God we trust; all others must bring data.” Without data skills you will have a tough time influencing in the business world. You must learn to manipulate data, make compelling data stories and leverage data for insights.

Microsoft Excel is the world’s most used business intelligence tool. Its knowledge is even compulsory for an MBA degree and the investment world depends greatly on it. You can buy our Microsoft Excel and Business Data Analysis for The Busy Professional also on Amazon.

2. Big Data Analysis, Power Query, Power Pivot and VBA in Excel

This is only for very proficient Excel users. To qualify for this training you must be in a role that requires complex daily or weekly reports, you must have above basic level knowledge of Excel and you must have Excel 2016 or above.

1. In-depth Excel Training, Executive Dashboards & Business Data Analysis

The highlights are:

  1. Data Manipulation in Excel
    We’ll show you, from a consultant expertise level, how to manipulate data in Excel. From data preparation/cleaning to data formatting the professional way. We’ll cover both the science and the art of data manipulation in Excel, and share very useful keyboard shortcuts and expert tricks that will speed up your productivity in Excel.
  2. Data Visualization and Presentation in Excel
    A picture is worth a thousand words. And in the business world, it is often the only way to not bore your audience and pass the valuable message you’ve uncovered in your data analysis. We will teach you the foundations of data visualization – from the different types of charts to when to use each of them. Then we will work through business samples to learn the art part of doing data visualization right. You will learn the rules of business data reporting via charts and gain from our industry wealth of consulting for businesses in this vital area.
  3. Large Data Analysis: Pivot Table, Pivot Chart and PowerPivot
    You should never say you know Excel if you don’t know how to use Pivot Table. It is that important. It is Excel’s premium tool for analysing large data – sales data, inventory data, HR data, transaction data and most business operations data. We are going to cover from the basics to the very advanced use of Pivot Tables. We will show you how to create dynamic reports with Pivot Table; how to overcome some of its layout issues; how to turn off the distracting controls in your final report; how to create calculated fields; how to create Pivot Charts; and the special tricks only a full-time Excel consultant can show you that will turbo-charge you Pivot Table skills. Then we’ll show you how we analyse data of up to (and even above) 30 million rows in Excel. Yes, in Excel. Heard of PowerPivot?
  4. Business Data Analysis
    In this section, we teach you the secrets that separate the analysis experts from the people with head/academic knowledge Excel. It is one thing to know the different tools in Excel and it is another completely different thing to know how to expertly mix them together to creatively deliver value at high speed. As full-time Excel chef, we will show you the secret ingredients that make companies consult us even when they have Excel super users in their organization.
  5. Executive Dashboards and Reporting
    This is the level self-knowledge will not get you to. How do you create an uncrowded insightful visualization for a report with 37 rows? Then how about for your sales analysis report of many rows and columns? How do you show the different interactions in your data? In short, how do you bring your data to life and take it from a boring confusing mass of text to an interactive exciting visualization? You have to come to get the answers.
  6. Excel to PowerPoint
    Management level reports are best presented in PowerPoints. When you’ve got a delicate story to tell, you have to guide your audience through a one idea/insight a slide PowerPoint. We won’t teach you how to design slides but we will teach you how to make your chart slides speak very loud. You will also learn the tricks of linking your PowerPoint charts to Excel. It will help cut down the hours you spend on weekly/monthly PowerPoint reports. We will also show you how to embed Excel files in your PowerPoint slide. No more sending separate Excel files when you can embed them right on the very slide you reference their data.
  7. Excel VBA
    Forget about all you’ve heard about Macros or VBA. Let’s show you how easy and exciting it is to break into the Excel VBA world.


2. Big Data Analysis, Power Query, Power Pivot and VBA in Excel

The highlights are:

  1. Working with Large Datasets using Power Pivot and Power Query
    Too many people see their Excel struggle and slow down when handling large data. Some even think it is impossible to handle millions of rows of data in Excel. We help you cruise through those imaginary ceilings.
  2. Advanced Data Transformation and Task Automation with Power Query
    Welcome Excel’s most revolutionary tool since the Pivot Table. With it you can natively connect to other data sources and automate data transformations. 
  3. Data Modeling in Microsoft Excel
    Getting the most out of your reports require setting the foundation right. We show you how to set your report models right and avoid common spreadsheet modeling issues.
  4. The Deep End of Formulas
    Array formulas, SUMPRODUCT (the complex use of it), INDEX, SWITCH, IFS, etc
  5. Advanced Tips and Tricks
    Lets show you what we’ve learned over about a decade of consulting and getting stuff done for large foreign and local companies report-wise.
  6. VBA (recording macros)
    Break into automating repetitive tasks in Excel
  7. VBA (coding from scratch)
    Start doing the heavy lifting with VBA coding from scratch.

1. In-depth Excel Training, Executive Dashboards & Business Data Analysis

The training outline is:

  1. Data Manipulation in Excel
    • How Excel handles different data types
    • Data consistency, starting with the end in view
    • Building Datasheets that can easily scale
    • Sorting
      • Cascaded sorting
      • Sorting across rows (left to right sorting, not the usual up to down sorting)
      • Sorting and Conditional Formatting to identify trends
    • Filtering
    • Data cleaning
      • Removing duplicates
      • Text-to-column
      • Grouping
      • Data Validation
      • Conditional Formatting
    • Data formatting
      • Using Tables (and when to convert to tables)
      • Formatting for printing
      • Formatting for email
      • Data Review and formatting for 3rd party use
    • Named Ranges
  2. Charts
    • Chart types
      • Line chart and when to use it
      • Column chart and when to use it
      • Bar chart and when to use it
      • Pie chart and it’s dangers
    • Combining charts; when and how.
    • Dynamic Charts,
      using filter.
    • Best practices when making charts
    • Sparklines
    • Power Map and Power View (Excel 2013 and Excel
      2016 only)
  3. Pivot Table, Pivot Chart and PowerPivot
    • Pivot Table
      • Default Pivot Table
      • Tabular Pivot Table
      • Pivot Table Filtering
      • Making a very dynamic regular table from Pivot Table
      • Calculations and Formula use with Pivot Table
      • Advanced Pivot Table tricks
    • Pivot Chart
      • Pivot Chart and its limitations
      • Dynamic Pivot Charts
    • PowerPivot (for Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 only)
    • Power BI for dynamic dashboard and analyzing millions of rows of data
  4. Business Data Analysis
    • Linking sheets
    • Duplicating sheets (better than copy and paste)
    • Inserting sheets, labeling and coloring the professional way
    • Freezing Panes and splitting windows
    • Conditional formatting
      • To identify patterns
      • Using formulae
      • To make extremely intelligent reports
    • Lookup functions
      • Vlookup
      • Hlookup
      • Looking up the last data or pattern in a particular row or column
      • Overcoming the limitations of Vlookup and Hlookup using index and match functions
    • Power Functions
      • IF, IFERROR, AND, OR,ISBLANK, and others in the same family
      • TEXT manipulative functions to make a completely automated Dashboard
      • COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS and others, to make dynamic summary tables
      • MATCH and INDEX to do the impossible
    • Other Functions
      • Math Functions
      • Text Functions
      • Logical
      • Others
    • Formula Auditing
    • Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Solver
    • Excel Web Query
    • Most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts
  5. Executive Dashboards and Reporting
    • Best Practices
    • Executive Dashboards
      • Executive Dashboards
      • Dynamic Reports
      • Determining the KPIs and tracking them
      • Strategic Insights & Analysis
    • Data Visualization
    • Having the audience/recipient in mind
    • E-mails and Excel reports
  6. Excel to PowerPoint and Word
    • Linking PowerPoint/Word Charts to Excel
    • Embedding Excel sheets in PowerPoint/Word
    • Making a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation
  7. Excel VBA
    • Recording Excel macros
    • Introduction to editing Macro codes


2. Big Data Analysis, Power Query, Power Pivot and VBA in Excel

1. Big Data Tools in Excel
a. PowerQuery to connect directly to over 100 data sources (including big data DB and data warehouse)
b. PowerPivot to analyse millions of rows of data fast and with a vertipaq compression engine that keeps the files small
c. Data Models in Excel
     i. Create relationships between different datasets
    ii. Enable automated report generation
d. Formula optimization for large data

2. Report Automation in Excel
a. Automatic consolidation of data in different files using combine & load
b. Automatic consolidation of data in different sheets even when the rows/data can grow
c. Setting up recurrent reports in ways that minimize manual work
d. Maximizing data linking and formulas to achieve scalable and agile reports

3. Advanced Data Shaping and Transformation a. Split Columns (advancement of Text-to-Columns)
b. Unpivot (a relatively new powerful tool)
c. Group data
d. Transpose tables
e. Cleaning out error values
f. Replacing error values
g. Auditing
h. Inserting steps (without using undo)
i. Other data transformation steps

4. Creating Dashboards in Excel
a. Understanding what dashboards are and when to create one
b. Different ways of creating dashboards
c. Pivot Table and Pivot Chart approach
d. Formulas and charts approach
e. Using non-native Excel charts

5. Charts
a. Column chart
b. Line chart
c. Pie chart
d. Bar chart
e. Area chart
f. XY Scatter chart
g. Stock chart
h. Surface chart
i. Doughnut chart
j. Bubble chart
k. Radar chart
l. Treemap chart
m. Sunburst chart
n. Histogram chart
o. Box and Whisker chart
p. Filled map chart
q. Waterfall chart
r. Funnel chart

6. Advanced Formulas
a. Lookup functions – VLOOKUP, LOOKUP, HLOOKUP, XLOOKUP and others
b. IF, IFS, IFERROR, SWITCH, AND, OR, ISBLANK, and others in the same family
d. WORKDAY, NETWORKDAYS, DATEDIF, EOMONTH and other special date formulas
e. TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, FIND, SEARCH, MID, LEFT, RIGHT and other text formulas

7. Planning and Strategy Tools in Excel
a. Goal Seek
b. Scenario Manager
c. Data Table
d. Solver

8. Integrating Excel with Data Science tools
a. R (using BERT)
b. Python (using xlwings)
c. Others

9. Excel VBA
a. Recording macro
b. Coding from Scratch
    i. Userforms
   ii. Modules
   iii. User Defined Functions  

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Reach Michael on 0808-938-2423 and mike@urbizedge.com or Hope on 0808-266-9002 and hope@urbizedge.com or Faith on 0913-137-0701 and faith@urbizedge.com to register. There is a class size limit.

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